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Adopted Plan 

The Melton Local Plan 2011-2036 was adopted by Full Council on October 10, 2018. It sets out the Council’s policies for the use and development of land across the whole of the Borough. It replaces the saved policies of the 1999 Melton Local Plan. The local plan is the main part of the development plan for the Borough and will be given full weight by the Council in making decisions on planning applications. Neighbourhood Plans are also part of the development plan, where they have been ‘made’ – you can find out more about the made neighbourhood plans with the Borough on

Adoption statement

Melton Local Plan - text version

SA report and adoption statement

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March 2021


It has been brought to our attention that the word ‘windfall’ has been mistakenly deleted from a sentence within the fifth paragraph of Policy SS2 (page 29) of the adopted Melton Local Plan. This error occurred between the adoption of the Plan by the Council on 10th October 2018 and it being sent to the printers.


The text version of the Local Plan that this page of the website links to has been corrected.


If you have previously downloaded the Melton Local Plan from this page, please delete and replace it with the copy now linked to on this page. If you have a printed copy of the Local Plan please make the following amendment to the fifth paragraph of Policy SS2, on page 29, inserting the word ‘windfall’ where indicated:


Service Centres and Rural Hubs will accommodate approximately 35% of the Borough’s housing residual requirement (1822) on a proportionate basis. This will be delivered by planning positively for the development of sites allocated within and adjoining the Service Centres and Rural Hubs by 2036, and by encouraging small scale residential windfall development, where it would represent sustainable development under Policy SS1 above or would enhance the sustainability of the community in accordance with Policy SS3 - Sustainable Communities.


Thank you, and please accept our sincere apologies for this error.

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