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Housing Mix and Affordable Housing SPD

Melton Borough Council adopted a Housing Mix and Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) on 9th July 2019. Subsequent to the Cabinet meeting, a minor amendment, through an officer delegated decision, has been made to section 3.1.2, for clarity and this is the final version of the Housing Mix and Affordable Housing SPD.

The purpose of the SPD is to give further guidance to developers to assist them to develop new housing which provides an appropriate mix of good quality housing types, tenures and sizes.

The SPD sets out the details of what the Council will expect of housing developers in order to comply with Policies C2; C4 and C5 of the adopted Melton Local Plan. It includes detailed guidance on the Council’s approach to the negotiation of the amount, size, type and tenure of affordable housing, guidance on economic viability assessments and off site provision.  It also includes detailed advice on how the Council will calculate any commuted sums for affordable housing, when exceptionally, providing affordable Housing on site is not the optimal solution.

Relevant Documents

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