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Open Spaces Strategy and Action Plan

The Open Space Strategy was adopted by Cabinet on November 2020. The main report and the Cemetery Provision Report can be viewed below:



Consultation on a Draft Open Spaces Strategy and Action Plan runs between 20th July 2020 - 14th September 2020.

This Open Space Strategy is an evidence-based report document produced to support delivery of policies in the Council’s Local Plan, which was adopted in October 2018. Policy EN7 of the Melton Local Plan requires the provision of open space to meet identified deficiencies and to sustain quantity standards as the population grows.

The strategy also includes updated recommendations on the collection of developer contributions, noting that these provide a key funding source to meet the needs of new residents in sustainable neighbourhoods and for the overall delivery of this Open Space Strategy. Developer contributions not only apply to new open space provision, but also to secure resources to maintain these open spaces.

This document deals solely with Melton Mowbray Town and does not cover Open Spaces within the rest of the Borough. 

A consultation event took place on 6th August 5pm – 7pm via Zoom. The event included a short PowerPoint presentation which can be accessed below, please open the file and press 'play' to listen to the presentation with audio.

A Survey Monkey Consultation is also available using the following link: 

Alternatively, comments can be submitted using the below form:

A copy of the Draft Open Spaces Strategy and Action Plan can be found here: 

Further information, or advice, can be obtained by phoning 01664 502502 or by e-mailing

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