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Neighbourhood development plans

Villages and parishes throughout the Borough all have the opportunity to create their own Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDP).  These plans when made become legal planning documents which shape future planning applications and developments. By getting involved, the community can provide guidance on where development such as new homes and businesses can be built and what they should look like, as long as it is in accordance with strategic policies in the Local Plan.

​Status of Neighbourhood Plans in the area:

The list in the following section contains information about the status/stage of different neighbourhood plan areas (or potential areas) in the borough of Melton. The different stages can be divided as follow:

  • Informal discussions

  • Designated

  • Ongoing reg.14 consultation

  • Reg. 14 consultation completed

  • Ongoing reg.16 consultation

  • Reg. 16 consultation completed

  • Examination

  • Awaiting referendum

  • Successful referendum

  • Made Neighbourhood Plan (Made NDP)

  • NDP review

List of Neighbourhood Plan Areas

The following list contains information about the name of the neighbourhood plan area, the link to the specific webpage for that area, the status/stage of their neighbourhood plan and the date when that stage was reached.

Relevant links

Map updated: November 2023

Map of neighbourhood development plan areas:

Left click on an area for further information

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