5-Year Housing Land Supply & Housing Trajectory

5-Year Land Supply is a supply of specific deliverable sites (according to the definition in the National Planning Policy Framework and associated guidance) sufficient to provide 5 years’ worth of housing against a housing requirement set out in adopted strategic policies, or against a local housing need figure where appropriate in accordance with paragraph 73 of the National Planning Policy Framework.

Main elements in the current calculation

Stepped requirement:

  • 170 dpa (2011-21)

  • 245 dpa (2021-26)

  • 320 dpa (2026-36)

Distribution of current shortfall:

  • Identical proportion in each of the remaining years of the Local Plan (Liverpool approach)


  • 5% buffer to supply applied

Lapse rate:

  • 3.36% lapse rate on sites with planning permission

Current position

11.6 years