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The Localism Act places a legal duty on local planning authorities to support and advise parish councils and neighbourhood forums that want to do neighbourhood planning.
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Examples of the types of help that may be provided by the council is:

- sharing evidence and information on planning issues

- helping with consultation events

- providing advice

- assisting to communicate with external partners

Melton Council will pay for the costs of designating a plan area, examination of the plan and the referendum. Other sources of funding may be available depending on the remit of the plan and things it covers. In some cases residents, businesses and developers have put money towards the development of a plan, but this is not necessary and again depends on the size and scope of the plan.

Apply for funding at the: Locality website

The Localism Act 2011

introduced the concept of Neighbourhood Planning. 

New sections and schedules came into force on 6th April 2012. There are also regulations which specify the procedures when implementing new arrangements.

Council statutory and non-statutory roles

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