Local Plan (and NDP) Policies

Adopted Neighbourhood Plans policies (before Local Plan adoption)


Adopted Neighbourhood Plans policies (after Local Plan adoption)


Melton Local Plan policies

Chapter 4. Growing Melton Borough - The Spatial Strategy

Policy SS1. Presumption in favour of Sustainable Development
Policy SS2. Development Strategy
Policy SS3. Sustainable Communities (unallocated sites)
Policy SS4. South Melton Mowbray Sustainable Neighbourhood (Strategic Development Location)
Policy SS5. Melton Mowbray North Sustainable Neighbourhood
Policy SS6. Alternative Development Strategies and Local Plan Review

Chapter 5. Melton's Communities - Strong, Healthy and Vibrant

Policy C1 (A). Housing Allocations

Policy C1 (B). Reserve Sites

Policy C2. Housing Mix

Policy C3. National Space Standard and Smaller Dwellings

Policy C4. Affordable Housing Provision

Policy C5. Affordable Housing through Rural Exception Sites

Policy C6. Gypsies and Travellers

Policy C7. Rural Services

Policy C8. Self Build and Custom Build Housing

Policy C9. Healthy Communities

Chapter 6. Melton's Economy - Strong and Competitive

Policy EC1. Employment Growth in Melton Mowbray

Policy EC2. Employment Growth in the Rural Area (Outside Melton Mowbray)

Policy EC3. Existing Employment Sites

Policy EC4. Other Employment and Mixed-use Proposals

Policy EC5. Melton Mowbray Town Centre

Policy EC6. Primary Shopping Frontages

Policy EC7. Retail Development in the Borough

Policy EC8. Sustainable Tourism

Chapter 7. Melton Borough's Environment - Protected and Enhanced

Policy EN1. Landscape

Policy EN2. Biodiversity and Geodiversity

Policy EN3. The Melton Green Infrastructure Network

Policy EN4. Areas of Separation

Policy EN5. Local Green Spaces

Policy EN6. Settlement Character

Policy EN7. Open Space, Sport and Recreation

Policy EN8. Climate Change

Policy EN9. Ensuring Energy Efficient and Low Carbon Development

Policy EN10. Energy Generation from Renewable and Low Carbon Sources

Policy EN11. Minimising the Risk of Flooding

Policy EN12. Sustainable Drainage Systems

Policy EN13. Heritage Assets

Chapter 8. Managing the Delivery of the Melton Local Plan

Policy IN1. Melton Mowbray Transport Strategy (MMTS)

Policy IN2. Transport, Accessibility and Parking

Policy IN3. Infrastructure Contributions and Community Infrastructure Levy

Policy IN4. Broadband

Chapter 9. Managing Development

Policy D1. Raising the Standard of Design

Policy D2. Equestrian Development

Policy D3. Agricultural Workers' Dwellings

Appendix 1. Site Allocations and Policies

Ab Kettleby


Asfordby Hill


Croxton Kerrial


Frisby on the Wreake


Great Dalby



Long Clawson

Melton Mowbray

Old Dalby




Thorpe Arnold

Waltham on the Wolds