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Housing Delivery Test

The Housing Delivery Test is an annual measurement of housing delivery in the area of relevant plan-making authorities and its results will be published annually in November by the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government. The annual figure given for the HDT (as percentage) is calculated as follows:

HDT (%) = Net homes delivered over three year period / number of homes required over three year period

Potential scenarios and actions

  • If HDT ≥ 95%: No action required

  • If HDT < 95%: Action Plan

  • If HDT < 85%: 20% buffer to housing supply is needed (in addition to Action Plan)

  • If HDT < 75%: 'Presumption in favour of sustainable development' applies (in addition to Action Plan and 20% buffer)

Current position and historic records

2021 (current year)

  • HDT(%): 197%

  • Action: none needed

  • Notes: To reflect the considerable variations in levels of housing delivery (in local authorities and the construction industry), the period for measuring the homes required in 2019/20 has been reduced by 4 months. This is in addition to the measures implemented for 2019/20. See Housing Delivery Test: 2021 measurement technical note.


  • HDT(%): 141%

  • Action: none needed

  • Notes: To reflect the temporary disruption caused by the first national lockdown announced on 23 March 2020, the period for measuring the homes required in 2019/20 has been reduced by 1 month. See Housing Delivery Test: 2020 Measurement Technical note.


  • HDT(%): 100%

  • Action: none needed


  • HDT(%): 84%

  • Action: Action Plan and 20% buffer

  • Action Plan and associated decision (09/07/2019)

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