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Rural Housing Needs Surveys



These rural housing need surveys can be used to help in identifying the need for housing in the different parishes of the Borough.  They show both market housing and affordable housing needs.


For market housing needs, these surveys can be used with other market research. 


For affordable housing needs, please speak with our Housing Policy Officer, because the surveys show only need and not new housing required (re-lets and other information needs to also be taken into account).


Value Areas.png

Stage of Housing Need Study(HNS)

Sites at this stage

Date HNS Study Completed


Surveys sent to all parish residents

Completed surveys received by Midlands Rural Housing

Analysis of surveys by Midlands Rural Housing and cross referencing of data with the Council’s housing register data

Contact with the Borough Council made notifying them of the intention to survey a Parish Council area (as requested by the Council as part of the annual programme)

Contact with the Parish Council made to seek their support

Report completed and sent to the Parish and Borough Councils, click on a village to download the Rural Housing Needs survey

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