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Strategic Growth Plan

The Strategic Growth Plan has been endorsed by all the constituent Local Planning Authorities, including approval by Melton at its Full Council meeting on 12th December 2018. A copy of the final document and a link to the Strategic Growth Plan website can be found below:

Studies/Evidence Base/Statements of Common Ground

The following county/HMA/strategic-level documents have been published:

Restoring Your Railways – Melton to Nottingham Connectivity Strategic Outline Business Case

In late 2020, Melton Borough Council was awarded funding through the Restoring Your Railways Ideas Fund to create a Strategic Outline Business Case for improvements to rail connections between Melton Mowbray and Nottingham. The funding bid was sponsored by Alicia Kearns, MP and was agreed by the Department for Transport. The Council secured up to £50k or 75% of the total cost to fund the transport and economic studies to create the business case.


The Strategic Outline Business Case was submitted in August 2021, and a decision is awaited. The redacted documentation submitted in support of the proposals can be viewed below. If this Strategic Outline Business Case is successful we hope to progress towards a Full Business Case to demonstrate how these rail improvements could benefit the residents and businesses in Melton, Loughborough and Nottingham.


Alongside a Stakeholder Brochure which has been prepared to enable people to understand the proposals without needing to read the documentation.

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