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Self/Custom Build Register


In recent years, the Government has stated it wants to encourage and enable individuals/groups to build their own home.

This process was formally confirmed by the Self-build and Custom Housing Act 2015, which places an obligation on Councils to create and maintain a Self/Custom Build Register. Through gathering this information we can use the information to and to use it as appropriate to encourage and facilitate individuals/groups to building their own homes. 

Why We Are Collecting This Information

The creation and maintaining a self/custom build register is a statutory responsibility contained within The Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015 (as amended by the Housing and Planning Act 2016).


By completing this form we can gauge the interest for self/custom build plots across the borough, and design a system to connect landowners and interested individuals.

Signing up to the register does not guarantee a suitable plot will be found. However, if a suitable plot is found, we will not pass on any details without first obtaining consent to do so.

Requirements such as obtaining planning permission and building regulations will still have to be obtained as appropriate.

2023 UPDATE: to keep the register as up to date as possible, all contacts on the previous register were contacted on 03/03/2023 and requested to fill out the new online form should they wished to remain on the register. 

By 30/10/23 a total of 33 entries have been registered, in contrast to the 80 entries previously on the register. Among the 33 entries, 6 of these are new entries to the register.

If you would like to be added to the Melton Borough Council Self/Custom Build Register, please visit to fill in the online form. 

Key statistics from the self-build and custom build register

The self-build and custom build register opened in September 2015. The key statistics below relate to base periods 1 to 8, starting in 2015 and ending on 30 October 2023. You can download and view the raw data, which is available on the October 2023 register.


If you would like to view data regarding identified plots and summary of the relation between the demand and supply of self/custom buildings, please download this spreadsheet.

Landowners, if you are interested in any of the entries, please contact explaining the nature of your interest and providing the ID as specified in the spreadsheet. Once we have received your e-mail we will then contact the person in the register who is associated with that ID to inform them of your interest.

Number of individuals/groups on the register

  • Period between 31/10/22 - 30/10/23: 33
    (please see '2023 UPDATE' note above)


Top 5 preferred locations within the borough

  1. Frisby on the Wreake

  2. Gaddesby

  3. Ashby Folville

  4. Great Dalby

  5. Kirby Bellars

How many plots have been identified?

  • Period between 31/10/22 - 30/10/23: 7

How many bedrooms do they require?

  • 4 bedrooms: 18

  • 3 bedrooms: 12

  • 5+ bedrooms: 2

  • 2 bedrooms: 1

​What type of build are they interested in?

  • Self-built one off home: 21

  • Don't know: 7

  • Custom-built one off home: 4

  • Kit or package home: 1

What type of property would they like to build

  • Detached: 30

  • Bungalow: 3

Where are the plots located?


Green marker - Plot(s) available


Blue marker - Planning permission granted


The plots shown as having planning permission are permissions that specifically reference self-build/custom build plots. Self-build/custom build plots may also become available on sites which are not included on this map. The plots marked as available for purchase are not exhaustive as it relies upon landowners/developers notifying the Council.

Red circles on the map indicate where interest from the register is shown in the Borough, with larger circles representing higher interest.

Beige polygons indicate SHELAA sites from our 2019/20 SHELAA report (February 2020), this is to show sites which have previously been submitted to the council following a call for sites where a landowner has represented interest in promoting their land for residential development.


If you would like more information on these plots or to contact the promoter please get in touch at

Melton Borough Council License Number 100019651 [2023].


Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database rights [2023].

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