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Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment

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Current SHELAA and other relevant documents

Melton Borough Council Call for Sites (employment land only)

Melton Borough Council is carrying out a ‘Call for Sites’ to help identify additional employment land (e.g., industrial or warehousing) in the borough. Through collating this data, we will be able to allocate further employment land as part of the Melton Local Plan Review.  


We are asking interested parties to suggest sites they think would be suitable to help meet the future employment needs of the borough through the ‘Call for Sites’ process. This exercise is an essential piece of evidence to support the Review of the Melton Local Plan. 


New sites should be submitted through the ‘Call for Sites’ process, which you can find details of below. We are also asking for employment sites that have been previously submitted to us, to be resubmitted to us to ensure the information is up to date. 


Information received will be also used to inform the evidence base supporting the review of the Local Plan, including future editions of the Strategic Economic Land Availability Assessment. 


Please note that submitting sites through the Call for Sites process does not indicate that it will be allocated or successfully obtain permission for development.


If you would like to submit a site for consideration, or to update an existing site, please complete a proposal form by Sunday, 16th of July 2023. Your submission needs to include a map of the site showing a clear site boundary. If you encounter any problems completing the online form, please use one of the alternative formats and email the completed form to; or send by post to: Melton Borough Council (Planning Policy), Burton Street, Melton Mowbray, LE13 1GH

SUBMISSION DEADLINE FOR SELAA HAS NOW PASSED - submissions can still be made, but will not be considered in this immediate update.

Proposal form (online) (preferred option)
Proposal form (.docx)
Proposal form (.doc)
Proposal form (.pdf)
Interactive Location Mapping Tool


Any issues or questions, please contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the main purpose of a SHLAA/SELAA?

To find out where there are potential sites for housing/employment (or both as covered in a SHELAA), assess what this potential is and when they are likely to be developed.

How does a SHELAA assist Local Authorities such as Melton Borough Council?

A SHELAA helps councils to:

  • Identify deliverable sites for the first five years of a plan.

  • Identify developable sites for 6-10 years or more to help ensure that the five year supply is topped up.

  • Identify broader locations for future growth or larger development opportunities that may require new settlements or urban extensions.

Does a site need planning permission already?

No, any site can be included or recommended for inclusion.

Can the SHELAA include a potential site that is not allocated?

Yes, any site can be included as long as it is submitted to the local planning authority.

What is the status of a SHELAA site in relation to planning permissions?

The SHELLAA is not planning policy. Any site that has not been allocated or has no planning permission would have to go through the normal planning process. The decision to grant planning permission is made by the Council under statutory legislation and with regard to planning policy.

What process is followed during a SHELAA update?

Usually the process starts with a 'call for sites' where the local authority contact developers and agents in order to ask for potential sites. Once the sites are submitted, the local authority will undertake a desktop assessment and site visits in order to produce a draft report. This draft report is sent to the Environment Agency, Natural England, Historic England and Highways for comments. The draft conclusions are moderated by a stakeholder panel (usually involving estate agents, developers and agents) before the production of the final report.

Can I submit a site before or after a 'call for sites'?

Yes, we accept submissions even out of the 'call for sites' window and they will be assessed during the next SHELAA update.

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