Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment

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I want to submit a site, what do I have to do?

Please complete the Potential Development Sites Proposal Form (links are provided below) with as much information as possible. A map showing the boundaries of the site will need to be attached in addition to the form. Then send it to our team at  

Preferred option, but if it doesn't work, please try the (.doc) version below


National Guidance Notes

The National Planning Policy guidance states that SHELAAs need to contain:

  • A list of potential sites with maps

  • An assessment of the deliverability of each site

  • The number of houses that can be built on each site

  • Any constraints to delivering houses

  • Recommendations on overcoming any constraints

In addition, the guidance requires local authorities to keep the SHELAA relevant and up-to-date.

Regular process

Call for sites >>> Desktop assessment >>> Site visits >>> Draft report >>> Stakeholder's panel >>> Final report


What is the main purpose of a SHLAA?

To find out where there are potential sites for housing, assess what this potential is and when they are likely to be developed.

How does a SHELAA assist Local Authorities such as Melton Borough Council?

A SHELAA helps Councils to:


  • identify deliverable sites for the first five years of a plan.

  • identify developable sites for 6-10 years, or more to help ensure that the five year supply is topped up.

  • identify broader locations for future growth or larger development opportunities that may require new settlements or urban extensions.

Does a site need planning permission already?

No, any site can be included/recommended for inclusion.

Can the SHELAA include a potential site that is not allocated?

Yes any site can be included if it has been submitted to the local planning authority (usually via the 'Potential Site Development Form' above).


The SHELAA is not planning policy. Any site that has not been allocated or has no planning permission would have to go through the normal planning process. The decision to grant planning permission is made by the Council under statutory planning legislation and with regard to planning policy.

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