Developer Contributions 

Supplementary Planning Document

Melton Borough Council is planning to prepare a Developer Contributions Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) with the intentions of providing further guidance and details on policies in the Melton Local Plan 2011-2036. 


The Developer Contributions SPD will not set or introduce new policy, it will only provide guidance on how infrastructure and planning obligation related policies in the Melton Local Plan should be interpreted and applied.


This SPD will be particularly relevant for decision makers, applicants, developers and agents involved in planning applications. The guidance within the SPD may also be of interest to the local community, as the infrastructure that is provided through new developments can have a significant impact on how people experience the places where they live, work and visit.

The current proposal for this SPD is to be mainly focused on section 106 agreements due to the council's suspension of work on the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). 

Current Stage - Creating draft SPD in preparation for public consultation

Developer Contributions SPD Scoping Consultation

The Council is undertaking a scoping consultation for the Developer Contributions SPD. The scoping consultation is an opportunity for the local community, decision makers, applicants, developers and agents to help inform the content of the SPD.

The Council has prepared a scoping consultation document (link below) which sets out the Council's initial views on the scope and content of the proposed Developer Contributions SPD.

The Council had a consultation on this document which closed on the 1st September 2019. 

Draft Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Statement Consultation

Alongside the scoping consultation the Council is also consulting on a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Screening statement (The draft regulation 9(3) statement). 

The purpose of the SEA screening statement is to set out whether or not the Developer Contributions SPD is likely to have significant effects on the environment and the screening process includes assessing the SPD against a set of criteria (as set out in Schedule 1 of the SEA Regulations). 

The responses that we obtained from the scoping report consultation have been summarised and complied within the schedule responses above. In addition to this we have attached a response to the queries and questions that have arisen from the first consultation.  

What Happens Next

The feedback from the scoping consultation  will be used to help the Council develop a Draft Developer Contributions SPD. In addition we are hoping to undertake further engagement with our council members and key stakeholders with a series of workshops, due to COVID-19 this projects timelines has been delayed.  Following on from this the draft SPD will be subject to a 6 week public consultation before being finalised and adopted.

Further information, or advice, can be obtained by phoning 01664 502502 or by e-mailing