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2. Introduction

The Melton Authority Monitoring Report 2017 (MAMR) seeks the provision of information related to the implementation of the planning policy. It is a tool that helps interested parties to have an objective insight of how the policies are or will be performing. It also helps to identify potential issues in order to meet the established targets and the assessment of trends in order to meet these goals.

How to navigate and updating procedure

The different AMR webpages have a menu at the right that allows the user to navigate through the different sections.

The date of the last update can be viewed at the bottom of the main page of the AMR. In the 2017 AMR it can be viewed here. Any update will be recorded in this main page and the most recent content will be highlighted in red.

If a user considers that the AMR is missing some relevant information or would like to provide some feedback to the department, it can be provided via email. There is a direct link to the email address in the main page.

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