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3. Background

Legal framework

The MAMR has been prepared to comply with the requirements of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (section 35) , as modified by the Localism Act 2011.(section 113). This monitoring report provides transparent information for the period 2011/17 particularly for 2016/17. In accordance with ​the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning England) Regulations 2012, it contains information related to Local Plan progress, Local Plan performance and the status on Neighbourhood Plans, Duty to Cooperate and Community Infrastructure Levy.

Melton Borough Profile


The Borough of Melton is a very rural borough, situated in north-east Leicestershire. The Borough is centred around the historic market town of Melton Mowbray, whilst the surrounding countryside is scattered with over 70 villages.

Demographics & Education

The whole Borough has a total population of roughly 50,900 of which 27,158 live in the town of Melton Mowbray. Furthermore, 18.14% of the population are under 15 years of age and 18.38% are of pension age.

Educationally, 78.4% of residents between the ages of 16 and 64 currently have more than 5 GCSEs at a C grade or better or the equivalent at NVQ2 level or above. Also, 56.5% of residents have 2 or more A Levels or equivalent and 25.2% of residents hold a degree qualification or better.


Within the Borough, there are 30,900 people of working age, of which 85.2% are classed as economically active. This is split between genders, as 90.7% of men are economically active and 79.8% for women. Gross weekly pay by place of residence for a full time worker is currently £468.70, and only 0.5% of the working age population currently claim Job Seekers Allowance. Gross weekly pay by place of residence for a full time worker varies massively depending on gender, with males currently earning an average of £523.60, and females earning an average of £371.30 per week.

Job density is currently 0.82 throughout the Borough. 87.1% of business within the Borough currently employ less than 10 employees, which points to a very high percentage of small businesses with a smaller percentage of large multinationals. Only 0.4% of employers in the Borough employ more than 250 workers.


The Borough is crossed by the A606 which links Nottingham to Oakham, as well as the A607 which links Leicester to Grantham. The M1 motorway is a 25 minutes drive from the west of the town, whilst the A1 is a 25 minute drive to the east of the town. Melton Mowbray train station is on the railway line that connects Birmingham and Leicester to Stansted Airport, and Bottesfrod train station is on the Nottingham to Skegness line. The nearest  airport to the Borough is Nottingham East Midlands Airport, which is roughly 40 minutes drive to the North West.

Source: NOMIS website 20/10/2017

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