Neighbourhood Development Plans - Somerby

The Regulation 14 consultation for the Somerby Neighbourhood Plan (draft) has now closed. Once the consultation comments are taken into consideration, the Neighbourhood Plan group will submit the Neighbourhood Plan to Melton Borough Council and a new consultation (regulation 16) will be open by the Council before the Neighbourhood Plan goes to examination and referendum.

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Reg 16 consultation (tbc)

Examination (N/A)

Referendum (N/A)

Neighbourhood Plan Made (N/A)

Latest version: Reg 16

Parish Contact details

The contact for Somerby Parish Council and Neighbourhood planning is:

Parish Clerk: Kathryn Staley

Tel: 01664 454529



Neighbourhood Plan Made

No documents available at the moment as the NDP has not reached this stage yet.


No documents available at the moment as the NDP has not reached this stage yet.


No documents available at the moment as the NDP has not reached this stage yet.

Regulation 16


Supporting Documents

1. General Conformity and Strategic Policies (NPPG 2018)

2. National Character Area 93 (Natural England)

3. Housing Needs of Somerby (Midlands Rural Housing 2016)

4. Leicestershire Rural Economy Evidence Base (Rose Regeneration 2014)

5. East Leicestershire Rural Workspace Demand Study (S4W Ltd 2014)

6. Summary of Environmental Protections (Somerby NP)

7. Tree Preservation Orders

8. Agricultural Land Classification

Maps and Figures

Figure 3.1 Burrough Limits to Development

Figure 3.2 Leesthorpe Limits to Development

Figure 3.3 Pickwell Limits to Development

Figure 3.4 Somerby Limits to Development

Figure 4 Topography

Figure 5 Geology

Figure 7.1 Somerby Local Green Spaces

Figure 7.2 Burrough Local Green Spaces

Figure 8 Sites and Features of Environmental Significance

Figure 9.1 Somerby Important Open Spaces

Figure 9.2 Somerby Form and Character

Figure 9.3 Pickwell Important Open Spaces

Figure 9.4 Pickwell Form and Character

Figure 9.5 Burrough Important Open Spaces

Figure 9.6 Burrough Form and Character

Figure 10.1 Burrough non-designated heritage assets

Figure 10.2 Pickwell non-designated heritage assets

Figure 10.3 Somerby non-designated heritage assets

Figure 10.4 Burrough Hall non-designated Heritage Assets

Figure 10.5 Leesthorpe non-designated Heritage Assets

Figure 11.1 Ridge and Furrow 'Turning the Plough' 1999

Figure 11.2 Ridge and Furrow mapped for this plan 2018

Figure 12 Area of Separation

Figure 13 Settlement Character Areas

Regulation 14