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Neighbourhood Development Plans - Somerby

Status of the Somerby Neighbourhood Plan: Neighbourhood Plan 'made'.

Referendum version of the Neighbourhood Plan (adopted version)

Somerby Neighbourhood Plan - Referendum Version

Interactive policies webpage and map

Other documents

Neighbourhood Plan 'made'


Supporting Documents

Maps and Figures


Regulation 16 Consultation - Consultation Responses

  1. Historic England

  2. Natural England

  3. Anglian Water

  4. Somerby Parish Council

  5. Severn Trent

  6. J. Cadman

  7. G. Franklin

  8. T. Joyce

  9. Environment Agency

  10. M & D Conner

  11. Melton BC 

  12. Leicestershire CC

  13. The Ernest Cook Trust

  14. Coal Authority

  15. A. Wheatcroft

Regulation 16 Consultation

Supporting Documents

Maps and Figures

Regulation 14 Consultation


Parish Contact Details

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