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Nether Broughton & Old Dalby
Neighbourhood Plan Policies



Policy S1: Limit to Development

Policy S2: Development Proposals Outside the Defined Limits to Development

Built Environment

Policy H1: Housing Provision
Policy H2: Housing Allocation
Policy H3: Windfall Sites
Policy H4: Housing Mix
Policy H5: Affordable Housing Provision
Policy H6: Housing Design
Natural and Historic Environment

Policy ENV1: Local Green Space

Policy ENV2: Protection of Other Sites of Environmental (Natural and Historical) Significance

Policy ENV3: Wildlife and Habitat Connectivity

Policy ENV4: Woodland, Trees and Hedges

Policy ENV5: Ridge and Furrow

Policy ENV6: Footpaths and Bridleways

Policy ENV7: Areas of Separation

Policy ENV8: Protection of Important Views

Policy ENV9: Biodiversity

Policy ENV10: Renewable Energy

Community Facilities Assets and Services

Policy CF1: Protection and Enhancement of Community Facilities and Assets

Policy CF2: The Provision of New Community Facilities and Assets

Policy CF3: Education

Policy CF4: Play Areas


Policy TR1: Public Car Parking

Business and Employment

Policy BE1: Business Development

Policy BE2: Working from Home

Policy BE3: Re-Use of Agricultural and Commercial Buildings

Policy BE4: Old Dalby Test Track

Policy BE5: Broadband

Community Action

CA ENV1: Important Open Spaces

CA ENV2: Habitat Creation

CA ENV3: Woodland, Trees and Hedges

CA ENV4: Footpaths and Bridleways

CA ENV5: Flooding and Drainage

CA CF1: New Village Hall

CA CF2: Assets of Community Value

CA CF3: GP Outreach

CA TR1: Public Transport

CA TR2: Pedestrian and Cycle Access

CA TR3: Traffic Management

CA BE1: Business Development


Table 3: Schedule of Valued, Important Views

Parish Contact details

The contact for Nether Broughton and Old Dalby Parish Council and Neighbourhood planning is:

Parish Clerk: Lucy Flavin

Tel: 01664 822568



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