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Somerby Neighbourhood
Plan Policies

Housing and Renewal

Policy HR1: Reserve site

Policy HR2: Limits to Development

Policy HR3: Housing Mix

Policy HR4: Windfall sites

Policy HR5: Affordable housing

Character and Design

Policy CD1: Building Design Principles

Policy ENV1: Local Green Spaces

Policy ENV2: Sites & Features of Env. Significance

Policy ENV3: Important Open Spaces

Policy ENV4: Local Non-Designated Heritage Assets

Policy ENV5: Ridge and Furrow

Policy ENV6: Area of Separation

Policy ENV7: Settlement Character

Policy ENV8: Local Landscape Character Areas

Policy ENV9: Important Views

Policy ENV10: Biodiversity and Wildlife Corridors

Policy ENV11: Trees, Hedgerows and Green Verges

Policy ENV12: Dark Skies and Tranquility

Policy ENV13: Footpaths and Bridleways

Policy ENV14: Biodiversity Protection in New Devs.

Policy ENV15: Renewable Energy Infrastructure

Economy and Employment

Policy EE1: Business Growth

Policy EE2: Connectivity

Policy EE3: Homeworking

Policy EE4: Farm Diversification

Policy EE5: Tourism and Visitors

Transport and Infrastructure

Policy TI1: Traffic, Road Safety and Parking

Policy TI2: Farm Tracks

Community Facilities

Policy CF1: Retention of Existing Facilities

Policy CF2: New Community Facilities

Community Proposals

CP1: Long-Term Housing Site Selection Criteria

CP2: Local Non-Designated Heritage Assets

CP3: Area of Separation

CP4: Biodiversity

CP5: Trees and Green Verges

CP6: Dark Skies at Night

CP7: Footpaths and Bridleways

CP8: Flood Risk

CP9: Postal Service

CP10: Visitor Access and Information

CP11: Local Employment

CP12: Business Directory

CP13: Positive Engagement (Infrastructure)

CP14: Highways Matters
CP15: Considerate Parking
CP16: Parking and New Housing Developments
CP17: Community Right to Bid
CP18: Spending Priorities

CP19: Communication and Engagement (Community)

Parish Contact details

The contact for Somerby Parish Council and Neighbourhood planning is:

Parish Clerk: Kathryn Staley

Tel: 01664 454529


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