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Clawson, Hose & Harby
Neighbourhood Plan Policies


Housing and the Built Environment

Policy H1: Housing Provision
Policy H2: Housing Site Allocations For 2016 to 2036
Policy H3: Limits To Development
Policy H4: Windfall Sites
Policy H5: Housing Mix
Policy H6: Affordable Housing Provision
Policy H7: Housing Design
Policy H8: Street Lighting and Light Pollution

Policy ENV1: Local Green Space

Policy ENV2: Other Sites of Environmental (Natural and Historical) Significance

Policy ENV4: Biodiversity

Policy ENV5: Ridge and Furrow

Policy ENV6: Woodland, Trees and Hedges

Policy ENV7: Protection of Great Crested Newts and their Habitats

Policy ENV8: Protection of Important Views

Policy ENV9: Flooding

Policy ENV10: Renewable Energy Generation Infrastructure 

Community Facilities

Policy CF1: Protection and Enhancement of Community Facilities and Amenities

Policy CF2: New Community Facilities

Policy CF3: Schools

Policy CF4: Health and Wellbeing


Policy T1: Public Transport

Policy T3: Pavements, Footpaths, Cycle and Bridleways

Policy T4: Parking

Economic Development

Policy E1: Existing Employment Use

Policy E2: Attracting New Business

Policy E3: Home Working

Policy E4: Farm Diversification

Policy E5: Broadband 

Developer Contributions

Policy DC1: Developer Contributions

Community Action

CA ENV1: Important Open Areas

CA ENV2: Biodiversity

CA ENV3: Ridge and Furrow

CA ENV4: Funding for Creation of Woodland, Trees and Hedges

CA ENV5: Great Crested Newts

CA ENV6: Flooding

CA CF1: Village Hall Developments

CA CF2: Investigation into Provision of New Community Facilities

CA T1: Bus Service

CA T2: Traffic Management

CA T3: Parking


Appendix 1: LGS

Appendix 2: Views

Appendix 3: Inventory

Appendix 4: Sites of env sig

Parish Contact details

The contact for Clawson, Hose and Harby          Parish Council and Neighbourhood

planning is:

Parish Clerk: Claire Buckle

Tel: 01949 861452



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