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2017 SHLAA

Please view below for the latest SHLAA report and the methodologies

Mapping service

This GIS-based application allows the user to navigate through the recently added SHLAA sites (2017). The pictures included along the site's description can give the user a good idea about how they are and the context of the site. The application also allows the user to  check some of the main constraints that might affect the site.

  • The SHLAA proformas can be found on the pop-up window. These contain basic information about the site, constraints affecting and conclusions.

  • The SHLAA panel notes have been added

  • The Highways comments have been added

  • The Environment agency comments have been added

  • Indicative capacities can be found either on the proformas (comments) or at the highways comments (column: 'after SV')

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