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Open Spaces Strategy and Action Plan 2024


The Melton Borough Council is developing a new Open Spaces Strategy and Action Plan. We invite you, residents, local businesses, community groups and other interested parties, to share your views and thoughts on the current state of open spaces in the Melton Borough.


This consultation runs from 22 January 2024 to 4 March 2024.


What open space is

Open spaces can take many forms and include all open spaces of public value. Public value here means open spaces available to or important for the public. Think of, for example, parks and public gardens, open areas within a neighbourhood, play areas and sports facilities, and spaces like allotments, amenity greenspace, churchyards and cemeteries.


Open spaces can be green spaces, but this is not always the case. Green spaces are any vegetated land or water areas that are not necessarily publicly accessible.


Why open space is important

Open spaces can provide health and recreation benefits, have an ecological value and contribute to green infrastructure. They are an important part of the landscape, villages and towns, and are important for achieving sustainable development goals.


Why your views matter

Have your say to help shape the future of the Melton Borough. Participating in this consultation is an opportunity to signpost what you think is important for your quality of living. Your experiences and local knowledge are vital for assessing the need for open space and any opportunities for new open space provisions and special protections for existing open spaces.


What this consultation entails

We are asking about your experiences with, views and thoughts on open space in the Melton Borough. This consultation asks you about the following:


  • Existing open space in the Melton Borough;

  • Your use of open space in the Melton Borough;

  • The accessibility of open space in the Melton Borough;

  • Who is involved, or should be involved, in open space management in the Melton Borough.


Your answers are strictly confidential and will be processed anonymously.


Taking part

You can join the consultation by completing the online response form. The Google Form opens in a new screen.


Go to Online Survey >


Alternatively, you can collect a paper response form from the following locations:

  • Melton Borough Council Parkside Office reception;

  • Melton Mowbray Library;

  • Bottesford Library;

  • Your local Parish Council (upon request).


Return paper response forms by post to Planning Policy, Parkside, Station Approach, Melton Mowbray, LE13 1GH.


All responses must be received by Monday, 04 March 2024, 12:00 noon.


​More information

Do you have any other questions? Consult these answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

You can also reach out for further information or advice by emailing

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