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Evidence: Whole Plan Evidence

The documents listed below are those that the Council has published as being relevant to the preparation of the local plan, in accordance with Regulation 17(e) of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) England Regulations 2012.

Documents that were published after the Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan was published and at/before the Addendum of Focused Changes consultation are indicated with an asterisk*.

Those published at submission to provide a full record of processes are indicated with a double asterisk**.

Those published after submission are indicated with a triple asterisk ***.

Documents: click to download

MBC/WP1. Leicestershire’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2013-2016, Leicestershire County Council 2012 (Incl. Executive Summary)


MBC/WP2a. Melton Borough Council Sustainability Appraisal (SA)/Strategic Environmental Assessment Scoping Report, including Non-technical Summary, MBC, 2014.


MBC/WP2b. Melton Local Plan Issues and Options Sustainability Appraisal Report, MBC, 2014 


MBC/WP2c. Melton Local Plan Issues and Options Sustainability Appraisal Report Amended, MBC, 2015


MBC/WP2d. Melton Local Plan Emerging Options Sustainability Appraisal , LUC, 2015


MBC/WP2e. Melton Local Plan Pre-Submission Draft Sustainability Appraisal Report, LUC October 2016


MBC/WP2f. Pre-Submission Draft Melton Local Plan Sustainability Appraisal Report: Non-technical Summary, LUC, October 2016


*MBC/WP2g. Melton Local Plan Addendum of Focused Changes: Sustainability Appraisal, LUC, June 2017


*MBC/WP2h. Melton Local Plan Addendum of Focused Changes: Sustainability Appraisal Non Technical Summary, LUC, June 2017


MBC-WP3. HRA Report for Local Plan Emerging Options, LUC, Jan 2016


MBC/WP3a. Melton Local Plan: Submission (Publication) Consultation Habitat Regulations Assessment Report, LUC, October 2016


*MBC/WP3b. Melton Local Plan: Habitat Regulations Assessment Technical Note – HRA of Proposed Focused Changes, LUC, June 2017


MBC/WP4. Melton Local Plan Health Impact Assessment, LCC & MBC, April 2016 


*MBC/WP5. Revised Local Plan and Community Infrastructure Levy Viability Study, Cushman & Wakefield, May 2017 (including Appendices 1-8)


MBC/WP6a. Equality Analysis, MBC, June 2016


*MBC/WP6b. Addendum to the Equalities Impact Assessment (EIA), June 2017


MBC/WP7. Local Futures District Profile. An Economic Social and Environmental Summary of Melton Borough


MBC/WP8. Melton Sustainable Community Strategy 2015-2025, Melton Community Partnership 2015

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