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Evidence: Spatial Strategy

The documents listed below are those that the Council has published as being relevant to the preparation of the local plan, in accordance with Regulation 17(e) of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) England Regulations 2012.

Documents that were published after the Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan was published and at/before the Addendum of Focused Changes consultation are indicated with an asterisk*.

Those published at submission to provide a full record of processes are indicated with a double asterisk**.

Those published after submission are indicated with a triple asterisk ***.

Documents: click to download

MBC/SS1 Leicester & Leicestershire Strategic Growth Plan: Stage 1: Strategic Growth Statement, Leicestershire LPAs, August 2016


MBCSS1A Leicestershire Strategic Growth Plan Consultation Draft November 2017


***MBCSS1B Strategic Growth Plan Consultation Draft January 2018


MBC/SS2. The Melton Settlement Roles and Relationships Study, Melton Borough Council, April 2015


MBC/SS3a Review of the Settlement Roles and Relationships Report, MBC May 2016

MBC/SS3aa Appendix A1 Key Points and Officer Response, MBC September 2016


MBC/SS3ab Appendix A2 Spacial Strategy Settlement Roles, MBC September 2016


MBC/SS3ac Appendix A3 Spacial Strategy Policy SS2 (Part 1), MBC September 2016


MBC/SS3ad Appendix A4 Spacial Strategy Policy SS2 (Part 2), MBC September 2016


MBC/SS3ae Appendix A5 Spacial Strategy Policy SS3, MBC September 2016


MBC/SS3af Appendix A6 Spacial Strategy Policy SS6, MBC September 2016


MBC/SS3ag Appendix A7 Primary Rural Service Centres, MBC September 2016


MBC/SS3ah Appendix A8 Secondary Rural Service Centres, MBC September 2016


MBC/SS3b Appendix 2 Review of the Settlement Roles and Relationships Report, MBC May 2016


MBC/SS3c Appendix 3 Review of the Settlement Roles and Relationships Report, MBC May 2016 


MBC/SS4a Consideration of Settlement Roles and Relationships, Report to Melton Borough Council 1st September 2016


MBC/SS4b Appendix B Settlement facilities matrix


MBC/SS4c Appendix C Settlement hierarchy


MBC/SS5. The Melton Alternative Large Scale Development Sites Assessment Report, Melton Borough Council, 2015


MBC/SS6. Melton Local Plan Sustainable Neighbourhoods Topic Paper, MBC, September 2016


MBC/SS7 Small scale site options paper, MBC, December 2015


*MBC/SS8 Land south of Kirby Lane, Melton Mowbray: Heritage Settings Technical Note, Cotswold Archaeology, February 2017


MBC/SS9. Village services audit 2014

Melton Mowbray Distributor Road 

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