Wymondham and Edmondthorpe NDP

Policy H5

Housing Provision Windfall Sites

Small residential development proposals on infill and redevelopment sites will be supported subject to proposals being well designed and meeting all relevant requirements set out in other policies in this plan and the Borough–wide planning policies and where such development:

  • Comprises a restricted gap in the continuity of existing frontage buildings or on other sites within the built-up area of Wymondham and Edmondthorpe where the site is closely surrounded by buildings;

  • Will not involve the outward extension of the built-up area of Wymondham and Edmondthorpe as defined in Policy SD3 of the Neighbourhood Plan;

  • Does not reduce garden space or open space to an extent where it adversely impacts on the character of the area, or the amenity of neighbours and the occupiers of the dwelling