Wymondham and Edmondthorpe NDP

Policy E5 

Working from Home

Proposals for the use of part of a dwelling for office and/or light industrial uses, and for small scale free standing buildings within its curtilage, extensions to the dwelling or conversion of outbuildings for those uses, will be supported where:

  • Other than minor ancillary support, servicing and maintenance, all work activities are carried out only by the occupants of the dwelling; and

  • No significant and adverse impact arises to nearby residents or other sensitive land uses from noise, fumes, odour or other nuisance associated with the work activity; and

  • Any extension or free-standing building shall be designed having regard to policies in this Plan and should not detract from the quality and character of the building to which they are subservient by reason of height, scale, massing, location or the facing materials used in their construction.