Wymondham and Edmondthorpe NDP


Traffic Management

Community Action

The provision of traffic management solutions to address the impacts of traffic arising from development in the Parish will be strongly supported. This includes either directly provided solutions or the use of developer contributions to provide the cost of improvements.

The priorities for residents include:

  • Extending the 30 mph zone north of the Windmill on Butt Lane;

  • Traffic management solutions to restrict/discourage speeding along Main Street, Butt Lane and Edmondthorpe Road;

  • Traffic management solutions to reduce the use of Wymondham as a route for HGVs;

  • Providing a pedestrian crossing adjacent to the Primary School to Sedley Field;

  • Widening the pavements near the Primary School;

  • Introducing pavements on Butt Lane;

  • Extending the range of footpaths and footways to connect the Parish facilities