Wymondham and Edmondthorpe NDP


Other Important Open Space

Community Action

The Parish Council will actively work with Melton Borough Council and other partners to secure the protection of the locations and features of the following sites (map below, detailed in the Environmental Inventory (Appendix 3) through confirmation of existing status or designation as new Open Space Sport & Recreation (OSSR) sites in appropriate typological categories:

Amenity Greenspace in Wymondham:

  • Roadside verges and greens, Main Street (ref 903)

  • ‘Sid’s Paddock’, Nurses Lane (ref 907)

  • Tithe Barn Field, Nurses Lane (ref 915)

  • Green Space at corner of Wright’s Lane and Main Street (ref 917)

  • Green Space at junction of Spring Lane with Cragg’s Walk (ref 916) Sport & Recreation:

  • Grounds of Wymondham Primary School (ref 902)

  • Sir John Sedley Playing Fields (ref 102, 103)