Policy SS6 

Alternative Development Strategies and Local Plan Review

Melton Borough Council is committed to meeting its requirements for housing, employment and other development and infrastructure. The Council will regularly monitor delivery of new development in the context of policies and targets within this plan. Where monitoring identifies significant and persistent shortfalls in the delivery of housing and employment, infrastructure or spatial distribution that deviates significantly from the plan strategy, or there are changes within the HMA to the objectively assessed need for development or the spatial distribution of growth across the HMA, the Council will consider an early a full or partial review of the Local Plan to identify alternative or additional development sites.


To ensure any plan review arising from the above should be is carried out quickly, the Council will prioritise exploring potential alternative or long term options in terms of their suitability, availability, infrastructure and deliverability.


The circumstances in which a review (defined as being publication of an invitation to make representations in accordance with Regulation 18 of The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning)(England) Regulations 2012) will be carried out are specified as follows:

  • The adoption by the Council of the Strategic Growth Plan and the Memorandum of Understanding, which proposes a quantity or spatial approach that is significantly different to that set out in the Local Plan, unless there is sufficient flexibility already provided for within the Plan; or

  • 5 years from adoption and every 5 years subsequent to the completion of the Review; or

  • changes occur within the HMA to the objectively assessed need for development or the spatial distribution of growth across the HMA including Melton; or

  • Where, when demonstrated by the Monitoring Framework (Appendix 5), that:

(i) the Housing Delivery Test indicates that delivery is below 75% of the housing requirement as set out in the housing trajectory, over the previous three years; or

(ii) The circumstances for review specified in Polices SS4 and SS5 above in respect of the masterplanning and delivery of the Melton Mowbray Sustainable Neighbourhoods, become applicable. 


The review will be commenced within 6 months of occurrence of one of the above circumstances.


Where there is a made Neighbourhood Plan, the review will carried out in consultation with the NP ‘qualifying bodies’ and, where applicable, solutions prepared via the NP revision process. If a NP is in preparation but not made, the Council will inform the qualifying body who may consult with their community to identify alternative proposals for consideration.