Policy SS3 

Sustainable Communities (unallocated sites)

In rural settlements outside the main urban area, the Council will seek to protect and enhance existing services and facilities and will support sustainable development proposals in accordance with Policy SS2 above which contribute towards meeting local development needs, contributing towards the vision and strategic priorities of the plan, and improving the sustainability of our rural areas.


In addition to those sites allocated through the local plan, planning permission will be granted for new residential development in the rural area within or on the edge of existing settlements, provided it is in keeping with the scale and character of the host settlement and where:

  • The development provides housing which meets a proven local need as identified by substantive evidence, for example within in a Neighbourhood Plan or appropriate community-led strategy, or a housing needs assessment or other evidence provided by the applicant; and

  • The development respects the Borough’s landscape and settlement character such that it conforms with policies EN1, EN4 & EN6; and that (where relevant), the design conforms with Policy D1; and applicable environmental policies in any relevant Neighbourhood Plan; and

  • The development will be served by sustainable infrastructure and or provide new infrastructure or services to the wider benefit of the settlement; and

  • The development respects ecological, heritage and biodiversity features and where appropriate provides mitigation to prevent any potential harm; and

  • Where possible the development does not result in the loss of best and most versatile agricultural land; and

  • The development can be adequately drained and would does not increase the risk of flooding, in accordance with Policy EN11.