Policy SS2 

Development Strategy

Provision will be made for the development of at least 6,125 homes and some 51 hectares of employment land between 2011 and 2036 in Melton Borough. Housing delivery is planned to increase within the plan period as follows:


  • Average annual housing requirement (2011-2021) a minimum of 170 dpa

  • Average annual housing requirement (2021-2026) a minimum of 245 dpa

  • Average annual housing requirement (2026-2036) a minimum of 320 dpa


Development will be distributed across the Borough in accordance with the spatial strategy set out below:


Melton Mowbray Main Urban Area is the priority location for growth and will accommodate approximately 65% of the Borough’s housing need. The role and sustainability of Melton Mowbray will be significantly enhanced through the delivery of at least 3,980 homes and up to 31 hectares of additional employment land by 2036 on allocated and other sustainable sites in accordance with Policy SS1 above. Development will be expected to contribute positively to the provision of key infrastructure, including traffic relief within the town, to support its growing population and economy.


Service Centres and Rural Hubs will accommodate approximately 35% of the Borough’s housing residual requirement* (1822) on a proportionate basis. This will be delivered by planning positively for the development of sites allocated within and adjoining the Service Centres and Rural Hubs by 2036, and by encouraging small scale residential ‘windfall’ development, where it would represent sustainable development under Policy SS1 above or would enhance the sustainability of the community in accordance with Policy SS3 - Sustainable Communities.


Alongside Service Centres and Rural Hubs, Rural Settlements will accommodate a proportion of the Borough’s housing need, to support their role in the Borough through planning positively for new homes as ‘windfall’ sites within and adjoining settlements by 2036. This development will be delivered through small unallocated sites which meet the needs and enhance the sustainability of the settlement in accordance with Policy SS3.


Open Countryside: Outside the settlements identified as Service Centres, and those villages identified Rural Hubs and Rural Settlements, new development will be restricted to that which is necessary and appropriate in the open countryside.


Neighbourhood Plans: The Council will support the preparation of Neighbourhood Plans and development proposals promoted through Neighbourhood Plans, provided that they are consistent with the strategic objectives policies and proposals included within this Local Plan.

*please see Table 3: Distribution of 'windfall' sites