Scalford NDP

Policy H4 

Windfall Sites


Small scale infill and redevelopment sites will be supported where it:

a) Is within the Limits of Development for Scalford and within or on the edge of the built-up
areas of Wycomb and Chadwell;


b) Is required to meet the proven housing need for the Plan area;

c) Meets the requirement on housing mix in Policy H3 of this Plan;

d) Maintains and where practicable enhances the character of the built environment;

e) Is of an appropriate scale which reflects the size, character and level of service provision of
the settlement concerned;


f) Where practicable it retains any natural boundaries such as trees, hedges and streams and
incorporates them sensitively into the layout of the site;


g) Provides for a safe vehicular and pedestrian access to the site and any traffic generation
and parking impact created does not result in an unacceptable direct or cumulative impact
on congestion or road and pedestrian safety;


h) Does not result in an unacceptable loss of amenity for neighbouring occupiers by reason of
loss of privacy, loss of daylight, visual intrusion or noise; and


i) Does not reduce garden space to an extent where it adversely impacts on the character of
the area, or the amenity of neighbours and the occupiers of the dwelling.