Scalford NDP

Policy ENV9 

Protection of Important Views


The following publicly accessible views (map figure 13) are important to the setting and character of the three villages in Scalford parish. Development proposals should be located and designed to take account of the character and lines of sight of the identified important views. Development proposals that would have an unacceptable impact on their character and integrity will not be supported.

1. Northeast from the brink of the high ground
on Melton Road over pastureland and the
woodland along the line of the disused
railway to Scalford village including the
church. This is the gateway view for Scalford.


2. South down the slope of Sandy Lane,
Scalford, from the recreation ground and
allotments into the historic heart of the
village including the church tower.


3. East from School Lane, Scalford, into rising,
deeply rural open countryside. At night this
viewpoint provides a ‘dark sky’ view for


4. Northwest from Thorpe Side at Mill House
Farm down footpath F23 to the mineral
railway embankment and the south end of
Scalford village.


5. 360° panorama from the triangulation point
on Mill Mound (141m), primarily a)
northeast to Wycomb village, b) northwest

across the upper Wycomb valley to the
mineral railway and hill ground in the north
of the parish, and c) southeast across the
long hillside toward the deserted medieval


6. Village view in Wycomb west down Pickard’s


7. East from Chadwell churchyard (Local Green
Space) over rural open countryside, hedged
fields with standard trees.


8. Village view in Chadwell southeast down the
main street from the church and the wide
verges at the village entrance (Local Green


9. Southwest from the western edge of
Scalford (Local Green Spaces) into the
Scalford Brook valley and across to the high
ground toward the Holwell parish boundary.

Figure 13: Important views (numbers refer to Policy ENV 9)