Scalford NDP

Policy ENV8 

Biodiversity and Habitat Connectivity


Development proposals should safeguard locally significant habitats and species, especially those protected by relevant English and European legislation, and, where practicable, to create new habitats for wildlife.

Development proposals should take account of the habitat connectivity provided by the wildlife corridor identified in figure 12. Development proposals that would damage or have an unacceptable effect on the identified wildlife corridor will not be supported.

Figure 12: Scalford Wildlife corridor


Community Action ENV 1: Biodiversity

a) The Parish Council in conjunction with other bodies will maintain the environmental inventory list of known sites of biodiversity interest prepared for this Plan;

b) The Parish Council will work with community groups, landowners, funders and other organisations to enhance the biodiversity of the Parish by creating and/or managing habitat sites (e.g. wildflower meadows, woodland, wetland) on suitable parcels of land. A particular emphasis will be placed on tree planting and woodland creation as a local contribution to the mitigation of climate change.