Scalford NDP

Policy ENV3 

Important Open Spaces


The following open spaces (figures 7.1, 7.2, 7.3) are identified as being of high value for sport, recreation, beauty, amenity, tranquillity, or as open spaces making an important contribution to the form and character of the villages. Development or change of use proposals that result in their loss, or have an unacceptable impact on their role as important open spaces, will not be supported unless the open space is replaced by equivalent
or better provision in an equally suitable location, or unless the proposal can demonstrate that the open space is no longer required by the community.

1. Melton Road cemetery (inventory reference 701)
2. Scalford village hall, recreation ground and play area (703)
3. Sandy Lane allotments (307)
4. Thorpe Side allotments (509)
5. Scalford Methodist church burial ground
6. King Street important open spaces

7. South paddock

8. Spring Field paddock

Figure 7.1: Important Open Spaces in Scalford
Figure 7.2: Important Open Spaces in Wycomb
Figure 7.3: Important Open Spaces in Chadwell