Scalford NDP

Policy BE2

Support for New and Expanding Business & Employment


In supporting additional employment opportunities, new development will be supported where:

a) Fall within the boundary of planned limits of development for the Scalford Parish, unless it relates to small scale leisure or tourism activities, or other forms of commercial/employment related development appropriate to a countryside location

b) Where possible, development should be sited in existing buildings or on areas of previously developed land

c) Be of a size and scale not adversely affecting the character, infrastructure and environment of the village itself and the neighbourhood plan area, including the countryside

d) Not involve the net loss of dwellings

e) Not increase noise levels or light or other pollution or introduce any pollution to an extent that they would unacceptably disturb occupants of nearby residential property

f) Not generate unacceptable levels of traffic movement and on road parking, provide off road parking

g) Contribute to the character, the design of the local built environment and the vitality
of the local area