Policy IN2 

Transport, Accessibility and Parking

The Council and its delivery partners will support and promote an efficient and safe transport network which offers a range of transport choices for the movement of people and goods, reduces the need to travel by car and encourages use of alternatives, such as walking, cycling, and public transport.

All new developments should, where possible, have regard to all the following:

1. Be located where travel can be minimised and the use of sustainable transport modes maximised;

2. Minimise additional travel demand through the use of measures such as travel planning, safe and convenient public transport, dedicated walking and cycling links and cycle storage/parking links and integration with existing infrastructure;

3. Seek to generate or support the level of demand required to improve, introduce or maintain public transport services, such as rail and bus services;

4. Do not unacceptably impact on the safety and movement of traffic on the highway network or that any such impacts can be mitigated through appropriate improvements;

5. Support the enhancement of existing or proposed transport interchanges such as the railway stations at Melton Mowbray and Bottesford;

6. Provide appropriate and effective parking provision and servicing arrangements.