Housing allocation changes

Between 2011 and 2036 we need to deliver 1300 affordable homes for Melton borough. The previous plan was to deliver a minimum of 1775, but the proposed change is to take account of new evidence which is explained below. 

The revised Melton Local Plan and CIL Viability study, published in May 2017 showed that 37% of affordable housing across the whole of the borough is not viable, but varying percentage levels of affordable housing in different value areas of the borough is viable.


The effect of this is that the original target of 1775 would not be achievable, so a more realistic target of about 1300 new affordable homes within a 25 year time period, would meet 75% of the needs identified.

The Leicester and Leicestershire Strategic Housing Market Area Assessment (SHMA, 2014) and the Leicester and Leicestershire Housing and Economic Development Needs Assessment (HEDNA, 2017) are studies which analysed the need for affordable housing.  In 2014 the SHMA identified a need for 71 affordable houses per annum for Melton Borough which equates to a need for 1775 affordable homes from 2011-2036, and HEDNA identified a need for 70 dpa (equating to 1750 affordable homes). 

Total site allocations

The number of new homes required to be fulfilled until 2036 is 5246 . This is broken down throughout the borough, with the bulk of housing being proposed in and around Melton Mowbray. Larger 'service centre' villages, such as Asfordby that already have existing facilities in place such as shops, post offices etc are proposed to have 1267 homes built. The rural hubs will have 333 built. The evidence collated in these figures can be viewed under housing site allocations at: Focused changes evidence.

Other evidence can be viewed at: Housing Evidence


Affordable housinggg

Affordable housing is social rented, affordable rented and intermediate housing provided to households who are eligible for it when their housing needs are not met by the market:


  • Social rented - owned by local authorities/private registered providers

  • Affordable rented - let by local authorities/private registered providers and is subject to rent controls that require a rent of no more than 80% of the local market rent

  • Intermediate housing - homes for sale and rent that cost more than social rented but less than market costs.


3646 in Melton

333 Rural Hubs

1267 Service Centres

**879 housing requirements/needs

View all here

Total housing proposed by 2036: 6125

**When calculating these figures, regard has been made to SHLAA, Housing Requirement and 5 year housing supply figures - please view our BLOGS more information about what these are or view the Housing Evidence page**