Gaddesby NDP

Policy HBE5 

New Housing Design


As appropriate to their scale, nature and location proposals for new build, replacement, conversion dwellings or extensions will be supported where they:

a) enhance and reinforce the local distinctiveness and character of the village in which it is located;

b) are designed to respect the character, scale and massing of the site and its surroundings, while also including a variation of types, materials and styles to reflect the rural village diversity. Contemporary and innovative materials and design will be supported where they complement and do not detract from heritage assets;

c) incorporate roof and wall construction methods which accommodate integral bird nest boxes and bat breeding and roosting sites, and hedges (or fences with ground-level gaps) for property boundaries which maintain connectivity of habitat for hedgehogs and use appropriate lighting designs, (including their locations, type, lux levels and times of use);

d) provide electric car charging points.