Gaddesby NDP

Policy HBE3 

Windfall Sites


Proposals for residential development within or on the edge of Gaddesby, Barsby and Ashby Folville will be supported provided they are in keeping with the scale and character of the host settlement and where they:

a) Are well designed and accord with the design principles described in policy HBE 5;

b) Pay full and detailed regard to the locally specific landscape characteristics, and the defined heritage asset designations, including the settings of Listed Buildings and the need to preserve or enhance the character and appearance of Conservation Areas;

c) Provide housing which meets a local need in line with Policy HBE 2;

d) Are served by sustainable infrastructure and do not increase the risk of flooding;

e) Help to protect and enhance the sustainability of existing services and facilities;

f) Otherwise comply with the criteria in Policy SS3 of the Melton Local Plan.