Gaddesby NDP

Policy ENV7 

Protection of Important Views


The Plan identifies the following important views (as shown on Figure 11).

1. From the track bounding inventory sites 134 to 136 leading west from Gaddesby, north and west to the Parish boundary.

2. From the Leicestershire Round to the east and west across ‘parkland’ (old pasture with trees) to and from St Luke’s Church and new community woodland in the foreground and to the south more distantly across Gaddesby Brook valley to the high ground.

3. From the water meadows beside Gaddesby Brook (fields 243-245, including the avenue of oak trees), north to The Cheney, Lawn Wall Field, the Hall and St Luke’s church. This is the defining view of the historic settlement core and landscape character area (Policy ENV 5) of Gaddesby.

4. View from and of Lawn Wall in the heart of Gaddesby Conservation Area; the field is bounded by a herringbone wall and ha-ha, and although not itself publicly accessible it provides a ‘village green’ component for the village-landscape and street scene of Gaddesby.

5. From public footpath from Barsby to Gaddesby where it crosses fields 302 and 326 over the dewpond (a distinctive feature of the Plan Area’s historic landscape), northwest from high ground into the valley of Gaddesby Brook to Gaddesby village.

6. From Carington field, a traditional village cricket field, especially east and north into the well-preserved 18th-century village-scape of Ashby Folville, with mature trees, the Manor House grounds, and church.


7. From footpath near field 365 northeast down the hillside into the Gaddesby Brook valley, over the village of Ashby Folville and toward the woodlands of Ashby Pastures on the northern horizon.

8. From fields 366 and 369 at the western edge of Barsby, south toward the South Croxton boundary and west into the far distance of the Wreake Valley.

9. From the hillcrest on Ashby Folville Road 100m north of Headlands Farm, south over the whole Gaddesby Brook valley including the rooftops and church in Ashby Folville village.

Development proposals which would affect the identified views should be designed to ensure that their layout, scale and mass respect the significance and character of the views concerned. Where necessary development proposals should include measures to mitigate the effects of the development on the important view concerned.

Figure 11: Important views. See text for explanation]