Policy EN7 

Open Space, Sport and Recreation

Where there are identified local deficiencies in the quantity, accessibility and/or quality of open space, sports and recreational facilities, new residential development of 10 dwellings or more will be required to contribute towards their provision and/or enhancement, in accordance with the table below, subject to viability considerations.



New development proposals will be supported where they protect sports facilities and strategically important sites and key centres as identified in the Playing Pitch Strategy.


The strategic open space, sport and recreation needs of the Borough up to 2036 will be met by working in partnership with Parish Councils through the development of Neighbourhood Plans, and with other partners, to deliver:

A. New allotment space as part of new development in Melton Mowbray, Bottesford and Waltham on the Wolds.

B. Enhancement of the following natural greenspaces: Stathern Road Local Nature Reserve; Wymondham Rough SSSI; Cribbs Meadow SSSI and National Nature Reserve; and River Meadow (Lake Terrace) and Dieppe Way/Nottingham Road.

C. 7.5ha of amenity greenspace in central Melton and 0.25ha of space in west Melton.

D. 2.59ha of parks/gardens in central Melton.

E. 0.44ha of facilities for children and young people in central Melton, 0.1ha of provision in north Melton and 0.38ha of provision in west Melton.

F. New teenage facilities to a minimum of 0.04ha in Buckminster and 0.04ha in Burton & Dalby.

G. Redevelopment of King Edward VII community sports centre to the Melton Sports and Leisure Village, a multi-sports hub, in accordance with the Melton Indoor Sports Facilities Strategy 2016-2021.

Open Space typology

Parks and gardens

Natural and semi-natural greenspace

Amenity greenspace

Provision for children and young people


Playing pitches

Football pitches

Standard (ha/1000 population)






Requirement (ha/1000 population)