Policy EN13

Heritage Assets

The NPPF provides national policy for considering proposals which affect a heritage asset. This includes the need to assess the effect of a proposal on the significance of an asset and the need for a balanced judgment about the scale of any harm or loss and the significance of the heritage asset.

Melton Borough has a number of important historic assets. These include Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas, Scheduled Monuments (SMs) and non-designated heritage assets (ranging from nationally to locally important heritage features).

The Borough of Melton contains heritage assets that are at risk through neglect, decay or other threats. These will be conserved, protected and where possible enhanced.

The Council will take a positive approach to the conservation of heritage assets and the wider historic environment through:

A) seeking to ensure the protection and enhancement of Heritage Assets including non-designated heritage assets when considering proposals for development affecting their significance and setting. Proposed development should avoid harm to the significance of historic sites, buildings or areas, including their setting.

B) seeking new developments to make a positive contribution to the character and distinctiveness of the local area.

C) ensuring that new developments in conservation areas are consistent with the identified special character of those areas, and seeking to identify new conservation areas, where appropriate;

D) seeking to secure the viable and sustainable future of heritage assets through uses that are consistent with the heritage asset and its conservation;

E) allowing sustainable tourism opportunities in Heritage Assets in the Borough where the uses are appropriate and would not undermine the integrity or significance of the heritage asset: and

F) the use of Article 4 directions where appropriate.

G) taking account of any local heritage assets listed in Neighbourhood Plans.