Policy EC8 

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism, visitor and cultural development proposals will be supported where they improve the facilities for visitors, including attractions and accommodation subject to the proposal:

1. being of an appropriate scale in the context of the host settlement; and

2. having benefits to local businesses in creating the potential to generate revenues.

Attractions and facilities of a significant scale should be located firstly within the town centre, then on the edge of the town centre, and then at other accessible locations.

Melton Borough Council will support, where appropriate, the restoration of the Grantham Canal. Moreover the Borough Council will resist planning applications which will have an adverse impact on tourism across the Borough, but with particular protection applied to valued attractions such as the Vale of Belvoir, Belvoir Castle and Burrough on the Hill Iron Age Fort, two of the most valued tourist attractions in the Borough.

Larger proposals for tourist attractions/accommodation outside of Melton Mowbray, Service Centres and Rural Hubs may be supported, provided it can be proven to add significantly and demonstrably to the Borough’s economic or tourist offer and can be demonstrated that a suitable more sustainable location is not available or practicable.