Policy EC6 

Primary Shopping Frontages

The Primary Shopping Frontages of Melton Borough Council, as designated on the Policies Map, are where the majority of A1 retail uses will be focussed over the Local Plan period.

Unless permitted development rights (or any successor) indicate otherwise, ground floor A1 units in the Primary Shopping Frontages should be retained predominantly for retail use. Proposals that would involve the loss, by change of use or re-development at ground floor level will be supported provided that:

1. It makes a positive contribution to the vitality and viability of the Primary Shopping Area, as shown on the Policies Map;

2. It would not result in non-A1 retail uses within larger units being grouped together in such a way that it undermines the retail role of the frontage;

3. It would not result in a loss of A1 retail floor space or frontage of a scale harmful to the shopping function of the area;

4. It would positively restore and/or enhance the character and appearance of the unit; and 5. It would allow upper floors to be effectively used, including the possibility of independent use, where appropriate.