Policy EC5 

Melton Mowbray Town Centre

Melton Mowbray Town Centre will be the focus for retail growth in the Borough of Melton. The extent of the town centre and primary retail frontages is defined on the Policies Map.

As part of a wider strategy to promote and enhance the town centre, the Council will work proactively with business and property owners within and on the edge of the town centre to identify development, redevelopment and site assembly opportunities to meet the identified needs for 12,670m2 net of additional comparison retail floorspace by 2036.

A sequential approach will be applied to the location of proposals for main town centre uses which prioritises sites within centres ahead of edge of centre sites. Out of centre locations will only be considered if sequentially preferable sites are not available within the town centre or on the edge of the centre and if the location is accessible and well connected to the town centre.

Retail impact assessments will be required to accompany proposals in Melton Mowbray for main town centre uses in edge of centre or out of centre locations where the gross floorspace proposed is above 200sqm.

Proposals for new retail, leisure and other ‘town-centre’ developments will be allowed within the defined town centre where they:

1. Enhance the compact, legible and walkable character of the town centre;

2. Maintain a vibrant and active continuous shop frontage in and around the retail core;

3. Incorporate a high quality of shop front and advertisement design;

4. Are sympathetic to the numerous heritage assets within and adjacent to the town centre; and

5. Make adequate provision for car parking where possible and appropriate.


In primary shopping frontages, proposals for new, or change of use to:

a. A1 retail uses will be encouraged, subject to the proposal incorporating a high quality design of shop front and advertisements.

b. A2 – A5 uses will be allowed where this does not have an adverse impact on the character and/or sustainability of the primary frontage.

Outside of primary shopping frontages, but within the defined town centre, proposals for commercial leisure uses, restaurants, bars & pubs and hot food takeaways will be supported where these support day and evening activity and the main retail use of the town centre.