Policy EC3 

Existing Employment Sites

The following employment sites and industrial estates across the Borough will be retained for employment uses (within Classes B1, B2 and B8 of the Use Classes Order).


Employment facilities listed for retention


  • EC3 (i): Masterfoods HQ, Waltham.

  • EC3 (ii): Asfordby Business Park, Asfordby Hill

  • EC3 (iii): Holwell Works (Melton Mowbray Business Park), Asfordby Hill

  • EC3 (iv): Stanton Plc (St Gobain), Asfordby Hill

  • EC3 (v):Saxby Road Area (Incorporating Hudson Road Estate), Melton Mowbray

  • EC3 (vi): Crown Business Park, Old Dalby

  • EC3 (vii): Six Hill Business Area, Six Hills

  • EC3 (viii): Old Dalby Trading Estate, Old Dalby

  • EC3 (ix): Melton And Kettleby Foods, Melton Mowbray

  • EC3 (x): Leicester Road Estate, Melton Mowbray. 

  • EC3 (xi): Normanton Lane, Bottesford.

  • EC3 (xii): Orston Lane, Bottesford.

  • EC3 (xiii): Hickling Lane Employments Sites, Long Clawson.

  • EC3 (xiv): Snow Hill Industrial Estate, Melton Mowbray

  • EC3 (xv): Burrough Court, Burrough on the Hill


Proposals to change the use of all of part of an an existing employment site or allocation to non-employment uses will be permitted where:

  • it can be demonstrated, through an acceptable viability study, that the site is no longer economically viable for employment purposes in the long term; and

  • there are alternative employment facilities available to meet employment needs or within the local vicinity; and

  • the site is not well related to existing centres (large, existing or planned areas of population, employment or commercial activity) or is not able to be easily accessed by public transport, walking or cycling; or

  • its release would offer significant benefits to the local area in particular where proposals have demonstrable community support, for example through an allocation in a made Neighbourhood Plan


Proposals for non B-class employment uses on employment sites will be allowed where they would support the effective operation of that site and would not be more appropriately located in town centres or are required to make the site viable and are not in conflict with policies contained within this Local Plan.