Policy EC2 

Employment Growth in the Rural Area (Outside Melton Mowbray)

In order to support the rural economy, the Council will allow for:


A) new employment land to be provided in rural settlements; and/or;

B) rural employment proposals which create or safeguard jobs.


The following types of rural employment development are acceptable:

1. The re-use of existing farm buildings and well-designed new buildings for employment;

2. Schemes for farm diversification involving small-scale business and commercial development that help to support the viability and retention of the farm holding;

3. Small-scale tourism proposals, including visitor accommodation, such as glamping, camping and bed & breakfast;

4. The expansion of existing rural businesses, dependent upon the nature of the activities involved, the character of the site and its accessibility;

5. Small scale employment development to meet local needs; and

6. The use of land for agriculture, forestry and equestrian activity. Subject to the proposal:

7. Being of an appropriate scale for its location;

8. Having sufficient accessible off road car parking provided on site or in the nearby vicinity to cater for the use proposed.