Policy EC1 

Employment Growth in Melton Mowbray

The Council will seek to meet the employment needs of its residents and the wider economy, by providing sufficient new employment land for the period up to 2036 in the following locations:


1. 10 hectares of employment land within on brownfield land available at Asfordby Business Park for class B employment uses (as shown on the Policies Map);

2. 20 hectares of employment land, located off Leicester Road, as part of the South Melton Mowbray Sustainable Neighbourhood; and

3. 1 hectare of employment land for B1(a) office space within or adjacent to Melton Mowbray town centre and/or including PERA Business Park.


Proposals for employment development on allocated and non-allocated sites in Melton Mowbray will be allowed where:

4. The site is located in an area that can be easily accessed by public transport, walking and cycling, and can be satisfactorily accessed by service and other employment related vehicles;

5. It provides a mix of B-class employment uses that seek to meet local business and employment needs;

6. The sequential approach to town centre uses is applied where offices (use class B1(a)) are proposed.