Drop in events

Melton Borough Council held drop-in events over the consultation period to give everyone the opportunity to learn more about the proposed changes and ask any questions.

The events were held at: 

Bottesford - 25 July 2017

Somerby - 26 July 2017 

Waltham - 31 July 2017

Long Clawson - 1 August 2017

Melton Mowbray - 3 August 2017

Frisby - 9 August 2017

The events were well attended, with over 100 people at Bottesford alone. There were lots of questions surrounding new housing development and why we needed any development at all and more generalised concerns in the villages over lack of public transport and amenities. In Melton, there were questions around the proposed new road, concerns over future jobs and how traffic would be affected over the coming years.

To view the evidence for these questions and more, please visit focused changes evidence.

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Notice board at Melton drop in

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