Policy D3 

Agricultural Workers' Dwellings

Proposals for the development/creation of agricultural/forestry and other rural workers dwellings will be granted so long as it is demonstrated that:

A. The proposal can be proven to be economically viable.

B. The need for the labour is essential, permanent and full time.

C. The necessity for workers to live on or in close proximity to the premises can be adequately demonstrated.

D. It can be shown that there are no existing dwellings that could meet the requirements of the enterprise near to the premises which would be available and suitable.

E. That the proposal is close to the agricultural/forestry operation, and in circumstances where this cannot be achieved, the development must be in a logical location which will not have a detrimental impact on the landscape and amenity.

F. That the development of a new dwelling would not provide an obvious opportunity for infill development.

G. That the design of the dwelling, including scale, materials and curtilage would be in keeping with design Policy D1.

H. That satisfactory access and services can be provided.

I. That public sector expenditure on the provision of infrastructure will not be required.

J. Applications for agricultural / rural workers’ dwellings should be of an appropriate size and scale. Applications for dwellings with extensive facilities which are deemed to be excessive and beyond the remit of the operation will be refused